In 2000 Monoideja opened first children interior shop in Lithuania. It was located in Kaunas city.

 Modular, functional, exceptional quality furniture quickly found their way to the hearts of children and teenagers. Our professional staff and their design solutions helped our furniture to get parents sympathy. Our furniture collections include not only functional beds and wardrobes, but also playful accessories such as colourful carpets, beautiful and practical lamps, gym walls and many more.

 At this time we have two shops situated in two major cities of Lithuania Kaunas and Vilnius. Our furniture were selected to suit our clients highest needs. Since children grow quite fast we also have variety of teenagers and youth furniture to offer. Our furniture grows together with your child to suit his needs at any time. We also offer a wide range of ergonomic, growing desks and chairs for children, teenagers and even adults.

 You are welcome to visit our shops. In them you could see the furniture by yourself and get a professional advice on which materials, fabrics to choose. We can also design a room for your children and help to choose the best furniture which will suit your expectations and will last even longer than you expect.

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